Meet Yuri

Exploring ALL of ourselves can be tough at times, but having fun should always be part of this adventure.

Meet Yuri

Exploring ALL of ourselves can be tough at times, but having fun should always be part of this adventure.

Hi, I’m Yuri Nunes

Ever since I was young I have always been interested and involved in various martial arts from Jujitsu, Karate to Kung Fu. I was always fascinated by the philosophy of these various art forms. My involvement in these physical forms led me to further develop my understanding of the physical and mental aspects associated with the physical world and how we can develop ourselves and evolve.

This led me to choose to study Health and Sport Sciences in Pretoria, South Africa. My studying and eventual development of and success of two gymnasiums, gave me greater insight and experience in working with developing myself and others in creating the best them they could be. This being in both the physical and mental.

My understanding and exploration of the physical and mental (psychological) was only part of the picture. Overall health and well being required one to include SOUL, not only MIND and BODY. This began the journey into exploring the realm of “spirit” or soul, and I began to explore and study all aspects and practices associated with exploring the part of ourselves that some call consciousness, spirit or soul. Ever since I have been exploring practices which include; Meditation, Mindfulness, Lucid dreaming, Out of Body Exploration, Reiki (Master Reiki), Kriya Yoga and Pandora Star.

The next and obvious step for me was to begin facilitating talks, workshops, classes, courses and one on one sessions, where I could introduce others to these ideas, concepts and ways of thinking. For to do so would help to further my own growth while doing the same for all others, as we explore consciousness and our own personal purposes in life. Leading me to the point I am at now, where I have created a personal course exploring many of these ideas, in allowing us to develop ourselves through a program I call - Mind Mastery.

While this may be how I got to where I am now, and what I explore now. I recognise that this life is a constant exploration and adventure, and I continue to explore, study and learn about various practices and modalities that can allow me to continue to develop myself into the best new version of myself, while also introducing all I meet to this same new wisdom.

I have been exploring the power of mind for the past 20 years, and over the course of my adult life have experimented with various practices and modalities; from Kriya Yoga, Lucid Dreaming, various Martial Arts, Reiki to Mindfulness and Meditation.

The culmination of everything I have learned, experienced and discovered I began to compile into new courses, from Mind Mastery, the 21 Day Meditation Challenge to 1 On 1 Personalised Coaching.

- Certified Teachable Coach

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