with Yuri Nunes Coaching

Access to Foundation Courses, Classes, numerous Benefits, Discounts, Support and Goodies.

with Yuri Nunes Coaching

Access to Foundation Courses, Classes, numerous Benefits, Discounts, Support and Goodies.

What / Who is the Membership for?

If you you want regular group support!

If you want access to NEWLY released foundation courses, every few months!

If you want to keep your personal development practice ongoing.

If you want to start forming healthy & helpful habits.

Hi, I’m Yuri Nunes

As a Health & Sport Scientist, I explored the world of form, both the physical and the mental. Discovered the various ways in which we can manipulate the body, but realised the real power lay in the mind.

I have been exploring the power of mind for the past 20 years, and over the course of my adult life have experimented with various practices and modalities; from Kriya Yoga, Lucid Dreaming, various Martial Arts, Reiki to Mindfulness and Meditation.

The culmination of everything I have learned, experienced and discovered I have used to facliltate Men's & Women's Support Groups. I also began to compile programs on this site, including the 21 Day Meditation Challenge , Mind Mastery and 1 On 1 Coaching and Support.

YNC Membership is a way to support me as I support you, allowing me to create more beneficical new courses, programs and services.


Membership with YNC

Membership with Yuri Nunes Coaching (YNC) is a membership package that provides all members with online courses, content, resources and support that allows members to continue their personal development progress.

Membership Includes

* Access to All current and future Foundation courses.

---- (new foundation courses released every 3 months)

* Monthly Group Meditation Classes

* Monthly Group Webinar (Discuss & Explore)

---- Here we check in once a month to explore ideas and new concepts. Discuss a new course on YNC. Explore a movie, or a book for the month, discuss ideas and wisdom gained from the resource.

---- Discuss our own personal progress, challenges and successes.

---- Monthly Challenges, based on the months course, book or movie discussed and studied.

* Download NEW meditation tracks for use at home.

* Occassional Fun & Games (because what's the point if we're not having fun!)

* Private Facebook Support Group

* Discount on 1 On 1 Coaching (Contact me if you'd like to connect for coaching)

* 50% discount on any of the Deep Dive Courses (Contact me, when you are a member, if you wish to enrol and access your discount)

* Access to all foundation courses for the duration of your membership.

The GOAL of this Membership is to give you what you NEED to satisfy your development needs.

Get ready to Practice!  Get ready to Grow!

Get ready for consistent

Resources & Support!

Hear From a Few of Yuri’s Satisfied Students

"I feel so blessed and lucky to be here, divine timing that got me to cross paths with Yuri.

I find myself being more positive and accepting, able to let go of the past, yet mindful of the mistakes to keep myself grounded and self aware. I am more open to new experiences, get excited at challenges around me as growing and learning opportunities.

I highly recommend anyone to take the step and just listen to your inner voice and just do it!"

Ahmed Hindash

"I have been told... you will never come off the medication. You have a problem. A panic disorder. After doing a course with Yuri, I am now almost 3 months off the medication. This support gave me the skills I needed to do this. To overcome my fears.

I still have a road ahead of me but I'm stronger than ever. Never before did I believe this would be possible... but I did it ... thank you Yuri for teaching me to be me again. To give me skills to be able to come off the medication and work through my stuff. A word to all. If I can do it so can you!!!! Yuri's online course and support changed my path in life and Ultimately changed my life!!!!"

Michelle Van Zyl

"I am super happy that I had the chance to participate in some of Yuri's online meditation classes. It helped me to regain some balance in some areas of my life and it helped me to see some things from another perspective.

I admire Yuri for his kind heart and his spirit. Taking part in his classes filled me with joy and positivity and for that I am super grateful."

Andreea Matei

Subscribe to YNC Members.

Choose an option that suits you. The monthly subscription is $10/month. If, on the other hand you wish to support me with a little more. I would be most grateful for the kind support 🙏.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where do the classes and webinars start? Is there a schedule?

Yes, there is. Upon purchasing your membership, you'll receive further instructions on all the upcoming events, classes and check ins.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! Firstly, if you are thinking of cancelling. I would like to say Thank You! Thank you for your support this far. Your membership has allowed me to support you, as you have supported me.

Cancel anytime from the account management page.